Saturday, August 10, 2019

Twins vs. Indians at Target Field!

In the tradition of Harmon Killebrew let's celebrate, have fun, and advocate for people of all abilities!

Disability does not mean inability!


Have fun and help people with disabilities SHINE!

A portion of every purchase helps provide the gift of a full and joyful life for many people with disabilities.

Your participation includes a ticket to the Twins-Indians game, and a coupon for a 12” x 18” Killebrew print, redeemable from artist Robert Blehert at the game.

Art Print Giveaway

Celebrity Artist Robert Blehert has created art for sports teams all around the country, but started out with the Minnesota Twins. In this video, he tells why the Harmon Killebrew poster giveaway is the greatest honor of all.

Meet the Artist

After you register for Harmon’s Heart of Baseball, on the day of the event, bring the art coupon to our booth at Gate 34 to receive the Harmon fine art print signed by artist Robert Blehert.



Please join us in thanking our sponsors!