2019 Heart of Baseball Award

Harmon's Heart of Baseball Award

Who We Hope To Recognize

This award recognizes a person with disabilities who exemplifies the character attributes of Harmon Killebrew in their work environment.   These might include "always give it your all" attitude, be kind, be positive, be helpful, inspire others, always take time to smile.

Award Criteria

  • 18 years or older

  • Has a disability

  • Works in community-based employment

Nominations Process

The deadline for nominations is June 15, 2019.  The winner will be selected by the Harmon’s Heart of Baseball committee.  There will also be two honorable mentions.

The Winner

On August 10, Nita Killebrew and a representative from the Minnesota Twins, will present the winner and the winner’s employer, with the Harmon’s Heart of Baseball Award during the on-field pregame celebration.  The winner and their employer will receive a plaque. A large plaque with the winner’s name and where they work will be inscribed and will remain on display at Target Field.  Also, a video will be created showcasing the winner’s accomplishments at work.  The video will be featured on the Jumbotron at Target Field during the pre-game celebration.


Harmon’s Heart of Baseball Award is the highlight event at Target Field, when a deserving nominee is recognized for overcoming challenges and making a positive contribution at work and home.   In 2018 the Harmon’s Heart Award was given to Tony Hintz.  Ben was the runner up, and in the video you can watch him throw out the first pitch to T.C. Bear.